DNF p. 151 - How is this possible?

Fundraising the Dead - Sheila Connolly

I don't know what's up with books I've picked but nothing has really stood out. Most of them have either been like slogging through cement or just not something I want to pick back up. This was the former and I have no idea why. A mystery...in a Museum...about STOLEN ITEMS! How could I not love this?


I don't know but I I've been reading this in about two page moments and can't take it anymore. I simply don't care. I don't even care about the stolen items. Despite how the murder is handled, I actually care far more about the murder victim; I really liked them and though I knew they were going to die, I really didn't want them to. But the rest of the characters and basically everything else were...simply annoying.


I will attempt this again, it might be me and/or the time, but I simply can't right now.