Motel of the Mysteries - A book you should look at at least once

Motel Of The Mysteries - David Macaulay

I'm glad I read this again. I understand so much more of what's going on, though I know I'm still missing a great deal.


It is so humorous to see them continually get things wrong. The TV as an altar - though that's not terribly far off - the bathroom as the inner burial chamber, and Monument Row. Thanks to the History Channel's new emphasis on Aliens *sigh*, I figured out Heinrich von Hooligan stood for Erich von Däniken. That, in some ways even more then the rest, really made me think about what we "know" about ancient civilizations.


While there is a lot of humor in this book, as TV tropes says Carson's "ritual" over the "sacred urn" is something you must see to believe (see below), there is a lot of historical horror. They get is so completely wrong! It's frightening how deep the delusion goes; they even have bookends with the "sacred point"  - toilet paper! Coasters of ceiling tiles, it's all but horror.


(show spoiler)


I also thought, reading it now, that younger readers will soon have trouble recognizing some of the items and may have to make their own interpretations. The TV remote was such an old model, even I didn't recognize it for a moment. And the old version of the telephone is rapidly becoming obsolete.


An intriguing and thought - provoking book, I recommend read it at least once if you have an interest in history and/ore archeology.