The Graveyard Book Vol 2 - A wonderful conclusion and a must read if you liked the novel

The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel: Volume 2 - Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell, P. Craig Russell

Wow. I didn't think this could best the first volume...but I was wrong. This volumes contains only three chapters but they pack a punch. We see Nobody attempts at school outside the the graveyard where he learns a greatdeal but calls far too much attention to himself. Then comes the great extravaganza of a chapter; over half of the book focuses on finally meeting Jack and seeing what Silas, Miss Lupescu, and others have been up to. Finally, we see the end of Bod's time in the graveyard. It was as hard this time as the first time.


Again, the artwork was exceptional. I particularly loved Bod's grown up look in the last chapter. For all the characters, chapter seven won, hands down.


The return of an old friends sets the stage for Bod to finally confront the shadow that's hung over his life. I will say, the big reveal has left me disinclined to name anyone or anything "Jack".

And learning the fate of Miss Lupescu made me cry all over again 0 I'd managed to forget it from the last time.

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A wonderful adaptation in its own right, it was also a perfect ending to the previous volume. This is definitely going on my To Buy list and can say for certain it is one of if not the best adaptations of a novel I've ever seen.