Saga, Vol 2 - Um, less of some of this though

Saga, Volume 2 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

Marko's family has arrived and things are sooo much better then they were before. While Marko and his mom go to find the banished babysitter, Alana and his dad actually gain a rapport over Hazel. We also see how they met and grew to love one another. One of the best touches was the granddad dealing calmly with the first time mom worried when something new comes up with the baby. That and moments like it made this book for me.


But there were others whose stories are told. The Will is dealing with his lover's death when good old Gwendolyn makes her appearance. Knew that was coming. For some crazy reason, she's slightly pissed at her ex-fiance - can't imagine why. She does work with the Will and Lying Cat to help Slave Girl though. Glad that wasn't dragged out too much.


Danger is always there and the two groups meet in passing. The segue way to the next has me glad I've got Volume three here.


Again, the artwork works sometimes but when it doesn't - it really doesn't. And I will never be able to scrap away the image of the creature greeting Marko and his mom on the planet at the beginning of this book, no matter how much I've tried. This series is rated Mature and that's a decent part of the reason why this volume.


But, I still love the story and the bring on the next one.


Just please no more of that!