Fortunately, the Milk [Audiobook] by Neil Gaiman

Fortunately, the Milk - Neil Gaiman

My review of the book Fortunately, the Milk.


I still remember how much I loved reading this book for the first time. The story was humorous and quite fun, but I found the illustrations greatly aided the tale. I really didn't think it was going to be as good listening to it as seeing the pictures, particularly of the dad.


But I wasn't considering Neil Gaiman himself.


As with most of his books, he reads the audiobook himself. This voice clearly shows the humor at the heart of this book and I especially loved how he characterized the Dad. While you might not see that wink and small smile at the end of the book, you certainly hear it at times in his voice and the way he answers.


I also loved how his voice was modulated for the alien voices; it really made them stand out.


While I still think you should experience the story in book format first, I can say you should certainly give this audiobook a go. I'll definitely have to listen to Gaiman narrate his other books, he was even better then I thought he would be.


Note: I find it rather ironic that I read the book only slightly later last year. Definitely need to move up purchasing this book.)