Reread Note # 1 Pleating for Mercy

Pleating for Mercy - Melissa Bourbon

This is something I'm experimenting with, we'll see if it works.


There are books I reread that I don't feel need a new review or even a note added at the end of the original one. I also like knowing when the original review was posted. So this is my attempt to bridge the two.


When I reread a book and the revisit doesn't change fundamentally my thoughts about the book, I'm going to add a note saying when I read this and why. I'll also add anything I think worth mentioning and then link to the original review.


So, with the new book in the series coming out, I knew I needed a refresher. There have just been too many other books since I read these. It was wonderful to return to Bliss, Texas again and reading the first volume knowing what I know now helped me pick up some elements I'd missed the first time.


For my thoughts on characters, plots, etc., you can find my review here.