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The Case of the Missing Moonstone (The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency) - Jordan Stratford, Nicola Barber

Oh my word, where has this been all my life? A middle grade mystery series with Ada Byron and Mary Shelley as the main characters? Sign me up!


The writing is wonderful and I love the friendship growing between the two girls. They are very different people (Ada focuses on facts while interactions with people and emotions confuse her. Mary understands conventions, love to read, and ends up explaining and aiding Ada along the way.) but their interactions together always bring a smile to my face.


While there are obvious liberties taken with the timeline, the author makes clear at the beginning that actually there was 18 years difference and not the 3 in the book, the story manages to teach you a great deal about the time as well as the beginnings of Ada's machine and literature.


Nicola Barber's narration is just icing on the cake.