Star Wars: Rebels - The Visual Dictionary

Star Wars Rebels the Visual Guide - DK

My introduction and interest in this series can be found in these reviews: A New Dawn and Star Wars Rebels (Junior Novelization). Basically, I'm a huge fan of Hera and really like Kanan, as well as like where this series is going.


So of course I checked out the Visual Guide, though as the first season has barely been completed (when I last watched, yes we're behind), I'm not sure what they have to "guide". Turns out lots of pretty pictures and bits of text - most of which I'd been able to figure out for myself. Still, there were some things I'd not picked up on and I did learn a few things.


And of course, I loved looking at the up close images of the characters. I always like looking at clothing and character developments and this book certainly had that. I even liked looking into the Imperials and the ships.


The best part had to be the end, where developers looked at where ideas for people and things came from. Several elements, including the design for the Rebel Zeb and the design for the planet of Lothal, came from concept art for the original trilogy.


All in all, I'm glad I read through it but I think I'll wait till a couple more seasons have taken place before looking for another book like this. As much as I enjoyed this, I'd have preferred more information.