Uncle John's Bathroom Reader (The Audio)

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader (the Audio) - Bathroom Readers' Institute

I was introduced to Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series by a favorite teacher in high school. I was surprised at the information the books contained and liked the little quizzes that pepper the book. I own two books, one of them their history book, and couldn't say no to trying the audiobook.


Like the rest of the series, this is broken into short facts, themed articles, and long articles. It covers everything from history, basketball, Uncle John's Stall of Fame (achievements that have to do with the toilet - surprisingly interesting), trivia, riddles, etc. However, there was some really good information in this version. I think my favorite concerned Gander, Newfoundland. The town and surrounding area took care of hundreds of displaced passengers when planes were grounded there on September 11th. They went above and beyond to find them shelter (there were not enough hotels in the small town), feed them, and even entertain them with trips to local spots. Quite worth the listen to learn about that. 


If you like random facts, interesting tidbits, and need something to listen to you can easily pick up and come back to later, this is a decent choice. There is a full cast, with each person reading different articles and random information. It helped highlight the different segments, rather than them all running together. I also quite enjoyed that I could listen to it for a bit, stop it and walk away for awhile, then pick it up without having to worry about being in the middle of chapter or thought.