BBC Radio Book of the Week: Benjamin Franlkin in London (3/6/2016)

A big thank you to Bettie's Books for posting about this five episode series! I will confess, I'm not a huge fan of Franklin but I was intrigued enough to listen for one reason.


There is a series of mystery books with Franklin as the detective set during this time. Benjamin Franklin Takes the Case (The Benjamin Franklin Mysteries) (Pine Street Books) - Robert Lee HallBenjamin Franklin and a Case of Christmas Murder - Robert Lee Hall


I only own the second one (there are others I think) but they are really quite good. I've always loved the characters in here: his housekeeper, her daughter Polly, etc. Well, turns out, thanks to the radio adaptation of the book, I learned they were real people! A great deal that I learned from these books proves to be fact. That's what I love about historical fiction, you can learn while reading for pleasure. If anyone's interested, another real figure that appears in the series is Sir John Fielding, I highly recommend them.


The radio series was really good and very easy to listen to. Franklin actually would have preferred to stay in London as he enjoyed the intellectual company he hung out with.


There are only a few days left if you are interested to listen to it: