Star Wars: A New Hope Vol 3 (Manga) - Even MORE of a good thing!

Star Wars: A New Hope, Vol. 3 (Manga) - Hisao Tamaki, David Land

*3.9 Stars*

**Warning: I'm assuming everyone who wants to read this and other reviews in the series has at least seen A New Hope once. Therefore, I will not be hiding any "spoilers".**

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*The Gush*

Again, this is the same as has been iterated above. The art, dialogue, etc. is all very well done. The lightsaber battle between Vader and Kenobi is...greatly enhanced and looks really cool. The artist really knows how to used the absence of the black lines to enhance an already amazing picture. No where is this more apparent than Vader's death blow to Kenobi. A solid white page with the two characters appearing only halfway up with the bare minimum of them and the lightsaber slashing through. It is truly striking. This also contains two of my absolute favorite lines from the movie: "She'll hold together....You hear me, baby; hold together" and "Great kid! Don't get cocky!" I laugh every time Han says that; pot meet kettle.


*The Rant*

See the review of Volume 1 for my thoughts for my reasons for not giving this full stars.
Plus, this ends right in the middle of their battle with the Tie fighters to escape the Death Star. Cliffhanger anyone?



As stated in previous volumes, this is a must for any Star Wars or Manga fan. Others probably want to steer clear though.