One Piece Vol 65: To Nothing

One Piece, Vol. 65: To Zero - Eiichiro Oda

The crew's new-found powers are AWESOME!!!! I loved them all. And Luffy fighting underwater, something I've wanted to see in awhile. The understanding of Hody, hatred, and bigotry (on both sides admittedly) was done well and was eery in how it sounded like today's headlines sometimes. A sad but poignant volume.




Reread 11/9/2014


The battle continues but Luffy's focus is turned to the giant ship NOAH as it comes hurtling to Fish-Man Island. Wimpy-Hoshi swims away, attempting to lead the missile sent by the Mark-Mark fruit but Hody sees a way to solidify the hatred of the Fish-Men and kill the traitors. While Luffy fights in the water with Wimpy-Hoshi's brothers help, his crew show off a few of the new tricks up their sleeves. Fukiboshi learns the horrible truth about Hody and everyone has to face the hate that has poisoned and is destroying their country.


Fukiboshi: "Please...Straw Hat!! We do not need our past!! Reduce it to nothing!!! Vanquish these ghosts that distance us from the Sun!!! With your hand, reduce Fish-Man Island to nothing!!!"