One Piece Vol 63: Otohime and Tiger

One Piece, Vol. 63: Otohime and Tiger - Eiichiro Oda

Ok, the Flying Dutchman Fishman captain is a scary stalker and I really want him to die. Tom's brother seems cool and Robin getting to see another Ponogliff makes me really want to have that story line come together faster. I love Nico Robin and her search for the true history.

Ok, the Straw Hat's still have their horrendously bad luck. Dang. Yeah! Jimbei! And of course he is reminded of just what a trial Luffy can be. And his confession, especially to Nami...that was heart-wrenching. And the Queen! I love her so much. I wish we could have met her.

Note: I love the chapter covers that have been going on where we see the people they have touched reading about their return. These are the best yet!




Reread 11/08/2014


Another story that brings tears to my eyes.


We get to meet the royal family, including Wimpy...I mean the princess as Hody and the Fish-Men under him finally attempt to take over and wage war against the humans. Luffy, again doing something stupid which turns out to be the best thing, helps Wimpy get to her mother's grave. There he also meets Jimbei and with Hatchi, who's wounded because he won't go along with Hody, he tells the history of Fisher Tiger, Arlong, and Queen Otohime's quest to unite Mer and Fish-Men and humans. It is a moving and at times heart-wrenching tale.