Bleach, Vol. 07: The Broken Coda - Tite Kubo *5 Stars*

Review of Bleach: Volume 1

New Characters to know:

description Byakuya Kuchiki: A Soul Reaper captain, he is also brother to Rukia. Why he acts so cold and...nearly evil to the reader's mind is unclear.

description Renji Abarai: The vice-captain or Lieutenant of Kuchiki, he seems to know Rukia well but then why does he look like he's trying to kill her.

*The Gush*
One of the best of the early volumes. The fight between Ichigo and Renji is awesome and Byakuya Kuchiki does not get enough page time. I can't wait until we see him again. The training is epic. I love anything with Urahara and he is in rare form in this volume. Just read this. Make it at least this far.

*The Rant*
This volume does jump around a bit as characters disperse as the plot leads them to. Still, everyone gets their moment, though the focus is on Ichigo.

Read this. At least make it this far in the series. The fighting is awesome and the characters are starting to become much more interesting.