Souless, The Manga Vol 1 - One of the best books I've read in awhile and they make it a manga...SOLD!

Soulless: The Manga, Vol. 1 - Gail Carriger, Rem

*5+ Stars*

*The Gush*

I just finished the first book in the series this is based off of and loved it. my review

While I am waiting to pick up the next book in the series, I saw this manga at the bookstore and simply had to pick it up. I am usually wary of manga retellings of stories though I have enjoyed some I've found (the Star Wars 4-6 mangas and the like). I opened the book and within two pages I was hooked. Not only are the drawings very good and in a style I really enjoy, but the dialogue is almost exclusively from the book. Thus it keeps all the sarcastic humor of the book as well as not ruining the story by giving it to you by word of mouth. Alexia is wonderful in this, as she is in the book. The artist I think chose well in her design and she holds up to my mental image of the character very well. Lord Akeldama is hysterical! I love him in this and feel he was treated particularly well. Lord Maccon and Professor Lyall are done very well too - though Lyall reminds me a bit much of how I always pictured Remus Lupin before the movies came out. 

The plot is the same, though shortened of course as there are only so many pages. Still, the essence of the book is here and very little of the necessary bits were cut. The drawings do the work of the descriptions, so most of the story is kept, just in a different format.


*The Rant*

The bookstore didn't have the second one.


If you liked the book, READ THIS! If you like manga and/or steampunk, READ THIS! If you want to get into the series, but are not sure about picking up the book, read this and then read the book. I'm off to re-read this immediately.