The Unusual Suspects (The Sisters Grimm, Book 2) - Not a bad continuation

The Unusual Suspects  - Michael Buckley, Peter Ferguson

My review of the 1st book of the series: here.


The second book in the series, this one pulls no punches nor does it stop to remind you what took place in the previous volume beyond a couple throwaway lines. No, the Grimm sisters and Ferryport Landing have took much going on to play catch up with the reader. Dark deeds are afoot and unfortunately, our intrepid detectives have one difficult case.




But not even school is safe, not with The Pied Piper, Snow White, and The Queen of Hearts are faculty. At least Sabrina thinks so; after learning her parents slumbering fate, she not only has her issues with adults but now deep suspicion of all Everafters. After all, at least one of them is responsible for her parents' kidnapping and her sister and her's troubles.


All in all, this wasn't a bad mystery. The clues are there, several prominent,and there is even a clear Chekhov's gun. But this is not suppose to be an Agatha Christie mystery, and for its intended audience, it's not bad. The characters are still very compelling, and while some are difficult to appreciate at times, they are interesting and real.


The person Sabrina discovers at the end of the book is seriously creepy. I'm not sure how I feel about an insane Red Riding Hood looking for "her grandma and puppy!" (Mr. Canis is many things but is NOT a puppy! And a cliffhanger! Boo!!!!

(show spoiler)


A solid sequel which not only continues the tale and expands our understanding, but opens a pathway to what looks like an interesting continuation.


Note: I originally picked this up just because I noticed the second book was finally in. Then I realized after I read it, that this would count towards the February Wimpy challenge. I still plan to read the Star Trek graphic novels (they are multiplying) but this does count.