Chu's Day - I wish I'd had this book when I was a child!

Chu's Day - Adam Rex, Neil Gaiman

I've only read one of Neil Gaiman's children's books, The Wolves In the Walls, so I wasn't sure what to expect from this.


This was adorable. Destructive. but adorable. The story takes maybe 50 words to tell, but it is set up so clearly you don't need many fact the pictures tell the story basically without the text. You know what's going to happen and it is cute but very surprising...and not when it does.


The illustrations were perfect. I wasn't sure at first but Adam Rex won me over by his illustrations of Chu. I love the little guy, particularly his flight cap with goggles. When he's getting ready to sneeze, the goggles go over his eyes. My favorite illustration was the second time he said no. You can see his eyes through his goggles and the way he sits is so cute! It reminds me a bit of Winnie the Pooh from the Disney cartoons.


Maybe part of the reason I liked this is I have the loudest sneezes I've ever heard. I can't help it, goodness knows I've tried. My friends always look at me like their half scared to death by the noise and half in fear of my life. I may not have Chu's problem, but I understand drawing attention to yourself when you least want to.


This is a book I'm definitely going to have to buy, as I'd love to read it again and again!