Dragonbreath # 3 - Curse of the Were-Wiener - Not sure if it was about Werewolves or Vampires...but I'm complete sure of how good it was!

Curse of the Were-wiener - Ursula Vernon

Okay Danny, I'll give you credit; this time it's not really your fault. Who would've imagined that school lunch hot dogs would spread lycanthropy to the students, including his friend Wendell? I mean really, no one could see that coming! But thanks to a handy 1-800 number, they know what they have to do to cure the infected before they all become minions to the Alpha wurst!


Never fear! Danny's on the case!




Oh my gosh, this book was fun! My favorite part had to be Danny setting up his bully saying: "Oh, no. You have taken my lunch. Stop." in monotone. The exchange directly under it made the scene even better:

"Wendell: 'Do you ever worry that your childhood is warping you in some fashion?'

Danny: 'Are you kidding? I'm counting on it.'"


Danny, sometimes I love you! And he certainly knows what to do and how to handle things. I can't wait to see what's up next for him.


Note: I also love that an old...acquaintance of Danny's comes to play a big role in this. It's been building, but it was nice to see the pay off. Also, I hadn't realized they made webisodes for these books! You'll be seeing more of these, as they are quite good.