The Either/Or Tag

My first tag! I've been enjoying reading everyone's answers to these questions, and look forward to many more. I got tagged by Lyssa's Novel Ideas


BOOKLET OR TOME? Um, still not sure what this means but I'm going with Booklet. I like an occasional Tome but only if it's well written and the size goes by quickly.


PRE-OWNED OR NEW? Pre-owned. I will buy New books if I find the latest book in a series has come out but I have no problem buying used books if they are in good condition as that means...more books!


HISTORICAL FICTION OR FANTASY? Historical fiction. I like fantasy as well (a lot) but I love reading a good historical fiction.


HARDCOVER OR PAPERBACK? Hardcover! Completely. I'm very particular about my books (caring for them and such) but I like to re-read a lot. So it's worth it to me to buy something that will last and not show those horrendous creases in the spine!


FUNNY OR SAD? Funny. I like drama and angst but if you're going to have it, there needs to be humor to lighten the oppressive air.


DO YOU PREFER READING IN SUMMER OR IN WINTER? Both. Any and every time. But probably winter, because I like to go outside as little as possible when it's cold.


CLASSICS OR MAINSTREAM? Um, both though Mainstream in quantity. I read Mainstream more often but I love to read classics as well, such as Austen, Orkzy, and more.


GUIDEBOOK OR FICTION? Fiction. Fiction. Fiction. I do like to read History books but I love fiction.


CRIME NOVEL OR THRILLER? Crime Novel. By that I mean mysteries. I like the idea of Thrillers but I will admit to being a wimp when it comes to violence and gore at times.


E-BOOK OR PRINT EDITION? Print. I'm learning to love my Nook and I do purchase e-books so I have more room on my shelves, but nothing beats the sight, smell, feel, and presence of a real book.


COLLECTING OR CLEARING OUT? ...collecting. I have culled my collection several times but I'm always looking for that next book.


INTERNET OR BOOKSTORE? Bookstore for browsing, Internet for my wallet. I try to buy books from local bookstores but with two book lovers in the house, we just can't beat online prices sometimes.


BACKLIST OR NEW PUBLICATION?  Backlist. I never seem to know when the next book in my various series is being published. When I chance to find them in time, then I definitely go after the newest book out, but I mostly play catch up.


BEST OR BAD SELLER? Not sure what this means, but I'm going with Best. Since discovering GR and BL, I tend to not purchase books without checking how they've been rated. At the same time, I tend to stay away from the hyped books until people whose opinions I trust read them.


COOKBOOKS OR BAKING BOOKS? Cookbooks when I look at them at all. I'm no cook, so I have to have recipes. Baking quite frankly scares me.



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