Stuff Every College Student Should Know - What a handy little book!

Stuff Every College Student Should Know - Blair Thornburgh

What a great little book! I wish I'd had a copy to pack with me when I went to college. While much of the information does come down to common sense, I do not see that as a negative. In my experience that sort of sense is not only rarely common but is often particularly lacking for young adults, many of them who are on their own for the first time. My mother told me of going to college with no knowledge of how to cook a hamburger or do laundry. She made sure the same wasn't true of us.


Yet, there are things you can't be prepared for. Thornburgh gives good, basic advice that can be easily applied to multiple situations. There is everything from recipes for cooking in a microwave (which I'm going to try) to resume writing and what to look for in off-campus lodgings. The section on all-nighters was quite good, as was the one that explained those weird symbols on clothing tags. I'd always wondered how to use them and plan to make use of that section for some time.


All in all, I'd recommend this as a great gift for a graduating high senior on their way to college. I wish I'd had this in my backpack my freshman year and beyond.



I received this book as a giveaway from the publisher on Booklikes.