The Mysterious Death of Jane Austen - According to the reviews...I missed something.

Mysterious Death of Miss Jane Austen - Lindsay Ashford

Oh my word, I hated this book. I got maybe 30% through and had to send it back before I took out my issues on my defenseless Nook. Nothing about this book and I clicked. The characters were flat, the structure mildly decent but in no way great, and the only part of the whole thing that remotely interested me - the mystery - was not only obvious but ludicrous. I agree with one reader (who did finish it apparently) that everyone knew anyway, so why kill her?


A great idea but I don't plan to pursue it further with this book.


Now I can put this book completely out of mind; on to better books!


Note: I might have read this as early as February of this year but I can't remember and my library records can't tell me. Oh well, sometime in March it is.