Dragonbreath # 4 - Lair of the Bat Monster - GO WENDELL!

Dragonbreath #4: Lair of the Bat Monster - Ursula Vernon







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Only you, Danny could find the legendary King Kong of Bats! Only you. Once again, Wendell's mythical friend has drawn him into a crazy adventure...only this time, it's up to the intelligent, nerdy iguana to save his friend. GO WENDELL!


I swear these little books just keep getting better and better. I'll admit, I hesitated to pick this one up because bats kinda creep me out. I love that they are keeping down the bug population but  I don't really like to see them too often. Worse was the big picture of a flood of beetles half way through *SHUDDER*. However, you can't help but learn a lot from this fun book and the more I see of our young heroes, the more I like. Danny actually realizes he's in trouble in this one and shows himself to not be a complete idiot - sometimes I've wondered. Wendell really steps up here and I loved to see it. The setting is great, the giant bat is cool, and meeting more of Danny's family is such fun.


There were some great quotes in this. One was in the video above and here's one other:


Wendell: "And it - she - thinks Danny's her baby?"

Steve: "Well, maybe. But that's a good thing!"

You could have cut Wendell's skepticism with a knife.

"If she thinks he's her baby, she won't eat him. And she probably won't drop him, or squish him, or leave him to get eaten by jaguars."

Wendell: "He's doomed"...."Oh good," said Wendell. "We're doomed too."  - I love Wendell.


I'm looking forward to the next one!


Happy Readings, y'all!