Dragonbreath # 5: No Such Thing As Ghosts - I love this series...NOOOO, how could you do that?!

No Such Thing as Ghosts - Ursula Vernon

Ah, the obligatory Halloween story...not that some of the other stories couldn't have fit the bill as well. Danny dresses as a vampire (no surprise) while Wendell's mom makes him a hydrogen atom costume.


Because of a dare, Danny, Wendell, and Christiana (a smart schoolmate who won't believe anything without facts, including that Danny is a dragon) end up in scary, empty house where strange things happen. I won't ruin anything by saying whether they find a real ghost or not, but for the first time, I was freaked out. There's been some icky stuff (for me) in some of these, like some of the bats and bugs in the previous book, but this one had a completely CREEPY clown.


Okay, I'm not someone whose usually scared of clowns. The only one that scared me before is the creepy jack in the box one in the third Harry Potter movie that keeps...coming at you. Gugh. But this one is sooo creepy, I couldn't hardly look at it. So fair warning.


Danny wasn't completely an idiot in this one and yes, Wendell is still my favorite!


On to the next one!