A Tale of Two Biddies (League of Literary Ladies # 2) - Sooo, when's the next one coming out?

A Tale of Two Biddies - Kylie Logan

Good, but guessed most of it.


Right; done.


When's the next one coming out?


Seriously though, this was a good second trip to Bea, Kate, Chandra's, and Luella's island. They are now hanging out together and are already on to their new book, A Tale of Two Cities. All sorts of people arrive as Put-in-Bay puts on a celebration of Bastille day during the summer tourist season. However, when a local Jack-of-all-trades is found poisoned in Levi's bar, the ladies embark on another investigation.


There were good and bad about this book, mostly good. The story, writing, and characters were all still really solid. I felt this was a good sequel and am looking forward to more books.


I could have done with more Luella though. She's my favorite excepting Bea and she just doesn't get much screen time. There are reasons for this, but I could have done with less Chandra and more her. Levi and Bea are...I'm not sure anyone knows what they are and I don't think we will until we learn more about Bea's back story. I hope that will be soon, but I think we have at least another book before then.


As for the mystery, I thought it was pretty good. I did, however, guess most of it correctly. It was...elementary? ;P There was at least one aspect that threw me however, and it was certainly interesting.

Okay, come on! The twins were not seen together and both kept giving Bea all these clues without any prompting. Not only were they the least likely but they were helping? Oh, and they kept focusing on how you could tell them apart - one likes chocolate, etc - three strikes, you're the murderer. I mean, really. I even figured out which one it was.

(show spoiler)

All in all, I loved this volume and am hoping the next one comes out quick, because I can't wait to return to Put-in-Bay.