Deadly Patterns (Magical Dressmaking Mystery # 3) - "Check the rails for screws a-holding, fa la la la la, la la, la la!"

Deadly Patterns  - Melissa Bourbon

Zinnia Jones' (I'm beginning to wonder if she's a good or bad luck charm for our poor MC!) holiday festival show is taking place and once again Harlow Cassidy is up to her neck in last minute details to finalize. And once again, she finds a dead body in her wake (by falling on it no less) and more secrets from this small town to uncover. Dan Lee Chrisson's death leaves a widow and newborn baby behind and many questions.


Again, new faces and old mix together in this new story and as we try to piece the mystery together, we are also confronted with more information about the larger questions surrounding the Cassidy family and this town. We also see some resolutions (yeah!) and next steps (Yeah!!) in people's relationships.


The Christmas holidays bring their own magic and there is both holiday joy and death's pallor in this book.


As for the ending:


I totally guessed the killer! This author's got me twice but I figured it out this time. In everyone's mind, it came down to the two sisters Hattie and Raylene. Who was connected to both but flew under the radar? Archie. I also figured his magazine was important somehow since it was mentioned at least three times! (Hello Chekhov's gun; have we met?) I'm curious though as to who got the money?!


Also glad to see our questions concerning Gracie get answered. We finally know how she's related and that she too has the Cassidy charm!


And Harlow told Will! She told him and "he wasn't running away." *Does happy dance*

(show spoiler)


Well, onto the next book and more fun with Harlow, Will, and the rest of the great folks of Bliss!


To round out our musical mystery spirit: "Seems the season to be dying, fa la la la la, la la, la, la."