A Custom - Fit Crime (Magical Dressmaking Mystery # 4) - Just when I think I have you figured you, Bourbon...

A Custom-Fit Crime - Melissa Bourbon

Harlow's business is finally getting noticed and her designs are about to be featured in a big magazine with two well-known and well admired designers from Dallas. She is also surprised by the arrival of her roommate and best friend from New York, Orphie Cates. (I'd assumed she's turn up eventually; she got mentioned in every book.) However, Death once again visits in Harlow's presence, this time entering her house when the male designer is found dead in her bathroom.


Once again, she's in the Sheriff and Deputy's sights, just in time for her Mama and Hoss' wedding. Add her friend's arrival being more than it appears and Harlow once again has her hands full.


Another great volume in this series! I loved the new characters we meet (particularly Orphie and Midori) as well as old friends, including Hattie and Raylene from the last book. Will and Harlow made me quite happy in this book, I worried greatly for poor Gracie and think I wanted the shake Cassidy's Mama as much as she did! Seriously, woman!


As for the ending:

I guessed Jeanette, wasn't sure though, but Midori's drug scheme threw me completely for a loop. Go Bourbon! I love an author that makes me work and, even better, who surprises me. The whole Orphie and Gavin thing though...I was glad to see a different side of him but those two? Gag. Harlow and Will are getting closer though and that I loved.

(show spoiler)


Next book and the last. Not sure if I should put if off or jump right in.



I read this late at night or early morning depending on your point of view. Plan carefully for a re-read.