Library Wars: Love and War Volume 5 - A little bit of everything in this a new character!

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 5 - 'Hiro Arikawa',  'Kiiro Yumi'

Re-read 6/11/2014.



Again, what was I thinking, not writing a review when I first read this?! Oh well.


The end of Iku's parents' visit leaves everyone shaking their heads. There are surprises for many characters.


The rest of volume is taken up by a story + two bonus mangas. The story focuses on the silent man of the group, Mikihisa Komaki and his neighbor Marie Nakazawa. She is an older high school student who experienced sudden hearing loss as a teenager. She's grown up with Komaki but loved him from a young age. He had been the one to help her deal with the hearing loss. He also recommends books to her.


One he does has a deaf main character and a rumor twisting this reaches the MBC, who arrest him and interrogate him to get him to confess to "abusing" a minor so they can get the whole library in trouble. Our old "friend" the acting director returns and allows the MBC to take Komaki! Needless to say, I don't think he'll hold his office much longer.


While the defense force frantically tries to find him, Iku and Shibazaki go to find Marie, who can stop  the rumors herself. Iku knows she'd want to know and help, because she sees how much Marie care for Komaki.


The two bonus mangas are fun - particularly the second one where the defense force protects a group of censored writers from being attacked by people who agree with the MBC. Iku's...predicament and Dojo's reactions are hilarious.




Character Corner:


Mikihisa Komaki - A quiet and level headed man at the same rank as Dojo, and his best friend. He does however take almost a vicious glee at the embarrassing moments and shouting matches his friend and Iku get into. You can always find him snickering in the background somewhere. He does care, though, and occasionally gives Iku words of wisdom. When he's around Marie, you see another side of him, as he's very protective of her and also more kind.


Marie Nakazawa - An older high school student, she suffered from sudden hearing loss a few years ago. Komaki helped her get through that rough period and often recommends books to her. She doesn't like to speak, as she can't control her volume, so she usually types what she wants to say on her phone. While quiet and a bit shy, she is also extremely stubborn and willing to stand up to protect those she cares about.




Lots of fun! On to the next one!