Buried in a Book (A Novel Idea Mystery, # 1) - Meh

Buried in a Book - Lucy Arlington

As I have the plots of three different mysteries floating in my head right now, this will be a short review...and just let me know if I write something that makes no sense in context of this book.


Lila Wilkins at the age of forty-five receives her first pink slip, sending her from her journalist job to an internship at a literary agency. However, a homeless man with literary ambitions dies in the front room on her first day, sending this single mother on a journey to find his query letter and just who wished him dead.


It was...not bad. Not fabulous and I walked away from it several times, reading other books when it just didn't hold my interest. I liked the characters okay, I LOVED the setting - a whole town built and named around literature, I want to live THERE - but in the end...it was just kind of meh. I did want to learn who killed the poor man and was glad to see something good come of it all, however small, but *shrugs*. I'll probably read more in the series and I do want to see if Sean the police man and LIla grow any closer but there are other books that are higher on the list.