#BookadayUK - Day 3: These are basically one book...if you want to keep your sanity.

Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier Sapphire Blue (Ruby Red) by Gier, Kerstin 1st (first) Edition (10/30/2012) - Emerald Green (Ruby Red Trilogy) by Gier. Kerstin ( 2013 ) Hardcover - Gier. Kerstin

Day 3: Favorite novel in translation.


You can't really chose one of these, as you really can't read these without all three of them sitting beside you...or the cliffhangers might kill you.


While I have some issues with this series, it is quite good and the time travel element of it was very fascinating. A tad predictable at times, but it was like a roller coaster you did not (and could not) git off.


The translation from the original German was superb and I enjoyed not seeing the handiwork of the translator. You knew it was there but the book flowed flawlessly with only the slightest hint that you were not reading it in its original language.