Agatha, Girl of Mystery # 2: The Pearl of Bengal - This one was even better then the first!

The Pearl of Bengal #2 (Agatha: Girl of Mystery) - Steve Stevenson

I enjoyed this one even more then the last book, as this time there was actually a mystery!


Once again, Dash has an exam to pass and he brings his cousin Agatha to solve...I mean help him with his case. And apparently the Mistery family has a member in every exotic port of call. This one, Uncle Rudyard, was quite fun and actually of some help.


The setting was amazing and the author made use of his limited space well, yet managed to describe both the crowded streets of Kolkata and the rural village in the Sundarbans National Park, where the theft took place.


The pearl has disappeared from the local temple to Kali and Dash must find it and the caretaker who disappeared after reporting the break in. This time the kids with Chandler and Rudyard actually question suspects and follow the clues. There were some red herrings and one very obvious suspect.


I totally knew Captain Deshpande had done it (the cane was obvious - Chekhov's gun) but hadn't guessed the double of the famous Bollywood actor. I also figured the caretaker was alive, this is a kids book, but good to know for sure.

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Once again, Agatha is the brains (she's like his cheat sheet for something) and again Dash manages to be scared - of tigers this time - and not figure out much. It was a bit better this time, but only slightly.


Though was surprised that his fieldwork observer didn't say anything about it when he shook Dash's hand! They may call it making use of resources or something; I call it cheating!

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