Impulse and Initiative - I swear, this is my LAST reread of this!

Impulse and Initiative (Pride & Prejudice Variation) - Abigail Reynolds

You know, you'd think I'd learn. I got this book from the library as a re-read because it was so completely forgettable I couldn't tell you a thing about it - other then I didn't like it. So did I immediately write down my thoughts so I would never have to suffer this book again?


No. Why on earth would I do something that intelligent?


So I'll give it my best...but this may make littel sense. Though that may be a good thing. This is another P&P What If book. What if Darcy had decided to follow E. to Longbourn after his disastrous proposal at Rosings in order to show her his attempts to change? What if Elizabeth reluctantly allowed him to show her the new Darcy? Not a bad idea, until you start reading this.


First, the language does not at all read contemporary to Austen. If the writer was trying, I didn't particularly notice. but I've given other P&P pastiches somewhat of a pass on this, so while it bugs me, it isn't a deal breaker. No, my major issue with this book is the "Impulse" part. There are many things I can forgive in Austen pastiches, more than most readers, I think. But there is one thing I can't stand: Darcy and Elizabeth kissing, feeling each other up, and HAVING SEX before they marry! Worse, in this, before their even engaged! WTH?! Even better, they do so where people can see (and even in Bingley's HOUSE! -, and Elizabeth is compromised. Are you kidding me!?

And then the author pulls the whole Lydia event, but Darcy and Elizabeth's actions really lessen the impact and makes some of their actions and worlds all but hypocritical.

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The only redeeming quality of this book is it's short and a very quick read.


I can NOT recommend this in good conscious!