#BookadayUK - Day 22-28: Seriously, why can't remember to do these?!

The Scarlet Pimpernel - Emmuska Orczy Murder On The Orient Express - Agatha Christie Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier, Sally Beauman Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Seth Grahame-Smith Darcy's Story - Janet Aylmer Meet Molly: An American Girl - C.F. Payne, Valerie Tripp The Big Green Book - Robert Graves, Maurice Sendak Basil of Baker Street - Eve Titus Curiosity Thrilled the Cat - Sofie Kelly

Day 22: The novel you most like to give to friends


I don't have a particular book, it always depends on the person. I'm not sure I've ever given the same book twice. However, the one book I lent (read forced) on my friends was The Scarlet Pimpernel. Thankfully, they enjoyed it!


Day 23:Favorite novel with exotic background


The only one that I can think of that is not part of a series I've mentioned over and over again (the Mary Russell Series) or a Fantasy/Sci-Fi book (which, for me, I'm considering cheating) is Murder on the Orient Express. I know it doesn't take place on anything but a train and many of the characters are from America or Britain...but where they are traveling and some of the issues that crop up because of that can be considered exotic.


Mary Russell: The Game (in India)

Star Wars: A New Hope (in a Galaxy, Far Far Away - doesn't get much more exotic then that! - *wink*)


Day 24: A book that reminds you of your English teacher


For me, it has to be Rebecca. I chose this book to give a report on and went as the second Mrs. Winters, memorized the first bit of the book: "I dreamed I went to Manderley again..." - one of my favorite parts of the book, and answered questions as if I were the character. I loved it and was able to do it because of how much I lost myself in the book. Dear Mrs. Whitt encouraged me in this and so I can never think of the book without remembering her.


Day 25: Book that is your guilty pleasure


Harry Potter used to be, as my family weren't keen on it, so we basically played the ignore it game. Now...I'd say fan fiction. I try to read it less often then I wish to because I have simply too many books I want to read. As for printed books...Jane Austen pastiches, particularly Pride and Prejudice ones. I can't seem to get enough, even though I find more I dislike rather then like.


Day 26: The novel you wish you'd written


I'm going to agree with others on this site. I can't think of a book I've ever read and thought, man I wish I wrote this. Any book I've thought of would be quite different from just about any book I read. That's one reason I like reading, I don't think the way the author does and so they tend to be a surprise.


Day 27: The Best/worst parents in fiction


When I was young, Molly's mom and even her dad were some of the best parents I was reading at the time. Her mother in particular as she was working, taking care of the family without her husband's presence, and trying to reassure all her children while the world was at war and their father was in the middle of it.


The worst parents I think of off the top of my head from my childhood would be the mom and dad from Maurice Sendak's The Big Green Book. Though the child wasn't that much better.


Day 28: Favorite animal character

It's a toss up between Basil of Baker St., if we can use anthropomorphic animals or Owen and Hercules from the Magical Cats Mystery series.


...Though I agree with Murder By Death, KoKo and Yum Yum are good ones too!