Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Fluke Series # 1) - On the low end of the three star rating

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Audio) - Joanne Fluke, Suzanne Toren

I'd been needing a good audiobook and remembered I hadn't tried this series yet. I always assumed it was similar to the Goldy Bear series; I no longer think that. Not that this is bad, I just feel Davidson's books are better.


Hannah Swenson has lived in Lake Eden, MN for many years now. Running a bakery while fending off attempts by her mother to set her up with every eligible man in the area (and she means everyone) doesn't leave a lot of time. She starts making time though when her local milk delivery man is found shot through the heart in his truck while parked in the alley near her business. It's her brother-in-law's first case after his detective test and he asks for her help.


At first, it makes sense. She knew most of the people, they wanted to talk about what was going on, and she could easily steer the conversations where she wished them to go. I through she was a bit blatant at times but it seemed to work and I liked several characters. I even overlooked when she seemed to be leading the investigation. However, after she and her sister

break into the dairy!

(show spoiler)

, I could no longer ignore the high level of implausibility.

It got worse when she decided it's okay to basically beard the lion in its den without back up! TSTL moment - a classic example.

(show spoiler)


Despite all the above, I enjoyed the audiobook. The narrator did a good job and brought the characters to life. However, I'm not sure I can continue with this series after being told that after well over a dozen books, the love triangle that starts in this book shows no sign of ending! Are you kidding me!?


An okay book, just not so sure about the series.


Note: Since writing this review out, I've moved this series to my "Will read if stranded on a desert island with nothing else". This is a step up from "Will NEVER read even if stranded on a desert island with nothing else."