Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code # 3 [Audiobook] - I like it, but the ending is a killer

The Eternity Code  - Eoin Colfer, Nathaniel Parker

This is the last book in the series I've re-read enough to always remember the basics of the book. Artemis Fowl is trying to go "straight" legally or at least his version of it. Using the equipment from the LEP they took in the first book, he's created The Cube. A small piece of technology that can do more than even our modern phones, releasing it would render all other tech obsolete. Artemis tries to use this to essentially blackmail an evil corporate head (not terribly original though he manages to be quite menacing) but the plan horribly backfires, leaving the man with the Cube - thus giving him a chance to discover fairy kind - and Butler dead! Only the boy genius' quick thinking brings Holly there in time to heal Butler and then it's off to save the fairy world from Artemis' meddling. The Cube might have an eternity code on it, but that's something not left to chance. The price of all this though is going to be higher then you'll believe.


The sad thing is, Fowl is trying to clean up his act, he's just not going about it the best way. Yet, I can't help cheer for him; he's vastly different from the first book.


But what is the Eternity Code? I confess, when I first read this, I was excited because doesn't that phrase conjure up something interesting? Nope, it's only what Artemis used to encode his Cube, a code virtually unbreakable - even by Foaly. Only Artemis can get into the cube and only if he wants to.


I continue to really enjoy these in Audiobook format. They are definitely on my short Books to Buy list!


I continue to love the interactions between Holly and Artemis and even Butler as well. But the two of them particularly, work so well together and have come so far. That's what makes the ending all the worse.

You really see the extent Artemis has changed and grown, only for the fairies to wipe all knowledge of their existence from his thoughts. As his change for the better came about because of his connections with Root, Foaly, and particularly Holly, who knows what will happen next? But, though this is suppose to be permanent, Artemis has found a way to get info to himself, possibly, at a future date.

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Onto the next one, and more fun with fairy-kind and Artemis Fowl!