Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception # 4 [Audiobook] - Well, that didn't take long

The Opal Deception  - Eoin Colfer, Nathaniel Parker

Well, the fairies sure shot themselves in the foot this time! After wiping Artemis Fowl's memories, they've left themselves wide open to attack by a nefarious fairy indeed, Opal Koboi! Her attack comes early, targeting our old friends Root and Holly. The aftermath of that sends everyone scrambling as Koboi's plans include Artemis, who can't even remember her. Mulch goes to help Butler while Holly attempts to bring Artemis' knowledge back to him. Things get extremely hairy when Holly and Artemis have to tangle with a horde of trolls - without Butler to help them this time.


While I've read this book more than once, I didn't really as much as the previous books, so this one held a few non-remembered surprises. I continue to love the friendship growing between Holly and Artemis, they snipe occasionally but they also offer so much to each other.


But I had forgotten that Root dies in this book. It's a shock every time I read/listen to it, as there is little in the previous books to prepare you for it. Magic is shown to bring about miracles - Mrs and Mr. Fowl, Butler - but now we see it can't save everyone and death visits this series. While the books certainly don't pull punches on things like theft, etc., this is still shocking.


Also, it still shocks me that Holly quits the LEP Recon and pairs up with Mulch Diggums to form a Private Detectives firm!

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Nathaniel Parker just continues to impress me; I can't believe he hasn't done more books, as each character is perfectly done.


So, Artemis Fowl was not kept out of fairy affairs for long as he's back on track to becoming a young man his mother and Holly can be proud of. What adventures lie in store for them next?