Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony # 5 [Audiobook] - Boy do things get interesting!

The Lost Colony  - Eoin Colfer, Nathaniel Parker

I remember buying this when it first came out, reading it, and not finding it terribly interesting. I didn't read it again nor did I read any of the later books, the series slipped beneath my radar and though I attempted to restart it once or twice, I never seemed to manage.


But I decided to give it another chance while I did my reread audiobook extravaganza and I'm glad I did. This time around I really enjoyed it and can't for the life of me remember why I didn't like it in the first place! Crazy.


There are very few humans who know the history of the fae folk, but none better then Artemis Fowl. And he's out to find the one group, demons, who did not follow the fairy king and the rest underground but instead took themselves out of time. Some, though, are popping up here and there in time and Artemis has figured out some of the reasons why. Unfortunately, another young genius has learned of it too and she's beating him at his own game! Not only does he have to help No. 1, an imp who was forced to take his chances with time, and save the demons as the time spell fails, but he's also got to stop another meddling human from introducing fairy kinds to the wider world - something he's learned from personal experience.


This was a fun, very exciting book, though one that's a bit hard to follow, at least as an audiobook. With all the time travel, it's a bit difficult to keep everything straight. However, I love the new characters as well as the old friends, particularly the imp No. 1, and there were certainly surprises in this one!

Artemis Fowl gaining magic and taking two years to return to return to Butler and his family. The consequences are starting to add up.

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