The War to End All Wars: World War I - this the same book?!

The War to End All Wars: World War I - Russell Freedman

For my review of the audiobook, which lead me to try the print version, please see here. this the same book? I had to make sure and I almost went so far as to re-checkout the audiobook and follow along. This was...good. Really good.


If you are looking for a good, introductory text in order to understand the basic timeline and to give you an idea of where to read further, this is a good choice. It's written for YA readers but I found it extremely helpful and the multiple pictures used were well chosen and aided the text. I found it engaging and read through it quickly.


Even better, he has end notes! I nearly cried. One of his sources was The Guns of August, which SusannaG recommended to me when I posted the review of this audiobook.


This was a very pleasant surprise and I plan to buy this book as I think it would make a good refresher text to come back to as well as for the bibliography.


FYI: "The project to develop these vehicles (armored, gun-equipped vehicle with caterpillar tread) was a closely guarded secret. British officials put out the word that the huge, strangely shaped objects, kept under wraps beneath tarpaulins, were special water carriers - mobile tanks. They became known simply as tanks." I never know where the name came from!


A Reading List of his bibliography and some recommended readings can be found here.