Reread Note # 4 A Custom-Fit Crime

A Custom-Fit Crime - Melissa Bourbon

My full review of this book can be found here.


Even before picking up this book, I remembered who the murderer was but the major red herring still managed to grab my attention away from all the clues. Go Bourbon!


While I like this one, there are a lot of characters in this book I'd like to get some sense into one way or another. Seriously, between Tessa Cassidy (Harlow's mom) stringing along a good man and Orphie (Harlow's friend) taking half the book to make a basic and common sense decision, I just about pulled my hair out - and I knew they were coming.


And Gavin...the man just gets on my last nerve, even when (or maybe especially) when he's being sweet.


Still, a fun reread and I think I remember the last one well enough to bypass so I can at least finish the new book, which is the one that will definitely not be renewable at the weekend.


Ready for a new mystery!