Toriko Volume 11

Toriko, Vol. 11 - Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

Because this was directly connected with Toriko Vols 9 and 10, I simply couldn't stop myself from reading this though my library does not yet have the rest of the series.


Teppei, the Gourmet Reviver, steps into the Tommyrod fight and ends it. He manages to save all the fighters while Komatsu faces a danger he's not prepared for. But hope is not lost. One last drop of Century Soup remains and with it Komatsu is tasked with recreating it.


Meanwhile, Toriko and the others are taken to Life, an island of healing, by Setsumo and her Limousine Jellyfish. While Teppei's master heals the others and starts regenerating Toriko's arms, Komatsu continues trying to recreate the soup, surprising Setsumo at how quickly he gets on. The last moments of this book are among my favorites of the series.


The gore continued for a bit but most of the book we see healing and Komatsu's growth. Between Sunny helping Toriko heal and Komatsu's coming into his own, I great enjoyed this book.


Now to wait and hope my library continues buying these.