Star Wars Dark Empire II (Audiobook - Full Cast)

Star Wars: Dark Empire II (Dramatized) - Tom Veitch, Cam Kennedy,  full cast, a division of Recorded Books HighBridge

My review of the first book in this series.


Spoilers for the first book!


While Dark Empire can be read by itself, its sequel merely points the way to the last book in the trilogy. That's not to say it's not a fun story, it is. It simply is not as finished as one would wish.


With the death of the Emperor and his clones, Luke sets out to start the Jedi anew. With the help of Kam Solusar, a dark Jedi who had served the Emperor before being saved by Luke, they fine a Force sensitive people on a planet where a Jedi came to rest and one joins them. They are soon pulled back into the troubles of the galaxy as New Alderaan as well as Han and Leia's children are threatened by an evil not as vanquished as they thought.


As it has the same cast, sound effects, and music, this dramatization does the first credit. The story is very engaging though I occasionally found Luke's "Jedi mentor" lessons somewhat dull!


The Empire (what's left of it) is very interesting and at times I wanted the focus to stay on them as they plotted and planned.


All around, it was good but most pushed me to read the original graphic novel.