Mary Russell turns 20 (or 114)! - Reading Challenge Feb - Dec 2014 for those who are interested

The Beekeeper's Apprentice (Mary Russell, #1) - Laurie R. King A Monstrous Regiment of Women (Mary Russell #2) - Laurie R. King A Letter of Mary - Laurie R. King The Moor (Mary Russell, #4) - Laurie R. King O Jerusalem (Mary Russell, #5) - Laurie R. King Justice Hall (Mary Russell, #6) - Laurie R. King The Game (Mary Russell, #7) - Laurie R. King Locked Rooms (Mary Russell, #8) - Laurie R. King The Language of Bees - Laurie R. King The God of the Hive - Laurie R. King



In February of this year, the Mary Russell series of Sherlock Holmes pastiches turns 20. This series was and is a huge part of my life; I must have read the first five books at least eight times a piece and the rest at least half that until the last few. Those are not because I haven't enjoyed them but there have been too many other books vying for my attention and I haven't got a chance to reread the series.


That chance comes now.


In May of this year, a 20th Anniversary edition of The Beekeeper's Apprentice will be released. I'm particularly excited about that as it is one of the two books of the series I've yet to find a hard cover copy of. However, as there are twelve books in the series, I don't want to start this in May, and seeing that February is the proper date, that seemed as good a time as any. I'm only sorry I didn't set this up before the first of the year but I found out about the anniversary and the reprint only a few days ago.


I am mostly setting this up for my own purpose, as I've already found challenges help keep me focused on what to read (as well as my TBR jar!). However, I thought there might be lurking a few Sherlock Holmes or even Mary Russell fans out there that either 1) don't know about the anniversary, 2) want a reason/chance to reread the series, or 3) have wanted to start it but haven't yet/never heard about it before but are interested.


If any of you are and want to read the series throughout the year, please let me know in the comments below and maybe give the webpage to a post about this. That way I can follow you and see your progress. I've never done anything like this before but I'd like to follow your progress if you want to read/reread the series.


I am personally adding two additional books to this list. One will be the 20th anniversary edition of the first book when I get it (the day it comes out probably) and A Study in Sherlock, a book of short stories she co-edited with Leslie Klinger. I will be starting the first book in the series in February to see if anyone is interested in reading as well.


List of Books:


1) The Beekeeper's Apprentice - Read 3/17 - 4/2 - Review.


2) A Monstrous Regiment of Women - Read 5/7 - 5/10 - Review.


3) A Letter of Mary  - Read 5/14 - 5/16 - Review.


4) The Moor - Read 6/1 - 6/15 - Review.


5) O Jerusalem


6) Justice Hall


7) The Game


8) Locked Rooms


9) The Language of Bees


10) The God of the Hive


11) Pirate King


12) Garment of Shadows


13) The Beekeeper's Apprentice 20th Anniversary ed


14) A Study in Sherlock