Library Wars Volume 3 - Out of the mouth of babes...

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 3 - Kiiro Yumi

Reread May 23, 2014


Previous Volume reviews: 1 and 2.


The first story in this volume is one of my favorites. The library is hosting protests, one from the PTA calling for limiting access to materials deemed 'hazardous' for children. Firecrackers are set off to disrupt the event and the Task Force discovers the culprits are two school children. Because of the MBC, books are expensive, so the library is their only hope.


While being scared out of their wits by Major Genda, the boys are also told that their actions were childish and only weaken their argument. They come back, apologize to the lady in charge, and decide to debate them and maturely stand up to them. Iku helps them prepare and what happens is quite amazing...and from my experience, can be all too true.

The woman screaming that she knows what's best for the children (without consulting them apparently), but shows this by attempting to physically attack Iku. Dojo's question: do you think your actions were of someone who truly cares for the well-being of kids? That's something I've long wanted to ask people who push their agendas on children 'for their own good'. And that goes for any political, etc. ideas.

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We have a minor story plot reminding us that Iku has yet to tell her parents she's in the dangerous position on the Task Force; they believe she's only a Librarian. Finally, we have the beginning of a story that stretches into the next volume.


A private library, exempt from MBC's influence, holds a great deal of information on the group, information they are desperate to destroy. When the owner dies, their chance comes; however, the man's will gives all the holdings to the Kanto Library, thus setting the stage for an all out battle.


Another great volume that not only entertains but makes you think about censorship and just where you might stand on the conflict.


Character Bios:

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Major Genda is the leader of the Task Force team. He's a loud, slightly intimidating man but he also can be quite understanding and kind. He has a friend who's a journalist and he's worked with her to get information that is best for the library out to the public. He also manages to make Dojo's life miserable whenever he can.



Commander Inamine is the head of the Kanto library. He's an older man confined to a wheelchair, but his defining characteristic is his serenity and calm manner when confronted with a problem. He firmly believes in the rules of the Library, not least because he is a survivor of the Hino Nightmare, when several library workers were murdered, including his wife. I love best his interactions with Iku, they work well together.