Cat Trick (Magical Cats Mystery # 4) - How Could You Do This to Me?!

Cat Trick - Sofie Kelly

My reviews for previous volumes: Curiosity Thrilled the Cat, Sleight of Paw, and Copycat Killing


This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite series! The characters are wonderful, the mysteries are good, I love the cats, and though larger events are moving slowly, I've been enjoying the ride.


Until we hit the brakes too early in this one!


One time home-town boy Mike Glazer returns to Mayville Heights and proceeds to get on everyone's last nerve. So when he winds up dead, there seems no end to the suspects. The mystery was good, particularly with Owen and Hercules being more public about their fact-finding capabilities. Poor Kathleen.


But again, it's the people I read these books for. Kathleen and Marcus finally start to move beyond their song & dance and I love seeing more of all her friends, especially Roma, Maggie, and Harry Sr. I also love her family, though I hope we get to actually meet them at some point.


The mystery was good, I wasn't completely sure and the photo thing threw me. However, I knew look-alike twins in a mystery tale mean only one thing. Either that or they are the smelliest of Red Herrings. So though I wasn't completely sure based on the facts, I kinda knew how this would end. But I nearly went crazy when I reach the end of the book! You finally get my hopes up and they fight? That's cruel, Miss Kelly, cruel. And ending on a cliffhanger makes me lose some trust in you. I knew I should have picked up the next book as well, rather then the P&P fan fiction instead!

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