One Piece: Baroque Works (Vol. 22-23-24): Yeah! New Arc! Skypeia, here we come!

Baroque Works 22-23-24, - Eiichiro Oda

Warning: Spoilers if you haven't read the previous books and the reviews for the single volumes SPOIL majorly!


Reviews of previous Three-in-Ones: 7-8-9 (How I got into the Manga), 10-11-12, 13-14-15, and 16-17-18, and 19-20-21.


The end! Thank goodness! Now, onward and upwards!


Actually, these are some of the best volumes, I think. Not only do we see the exciting culmination of the crew's quest to stop Crocodile, but we get to actually see the country find a measure of peace. There is a lot that happens and not all of it is fighting!


Vol. 22: Hope!! - Review of single volume here.


Vivi learns her fight to stop the bloodshed is far from over and she'll need more then the Straw Hats to aid her. The strange woman with Crocodile and King Cobra get some good screen time and Parts 2 and 3 of Luffy's battles with the Warlord cover a large part of this volume. You're never bored with this book!


Favorite Quote - Vivi: "I don't care what you think!! I'll never abandon my ideals!!"


Vol. 23: Vivi's Adventure - Review of single volume here.



This volume is a breath of fresh air. After the long build up and the endless traveling, we get to see the good Luffy and his crew have wrought. There are so many great moments here as we see the aftermath through various characters: such as Captain Smoker and Tashigi, Mr. 2 - Bon Clay, and so many others.


Favorite Quote # 1 -

Luffy: "Like I said just don't get it. Vivi...keeps telling people not to sacrifice their own lives but she's always putting her own life in danger to save other people. If we don't help her, she'll get killed! You people will kill her!!"

Crocodile: "I don't get you. All you have to do is walk away and..."

Luffy: "I don't want Vivi to Die!! 'Cause she's my friend!! As long as she keeps fighting to save her kingdom...then so will we!!"

Crocodile: "Even at the cost of your own lives?"

Luffy: "If we die...we die!!"


Favorite Quote # 2 - King Cobra: "Thank you...for my country." He bows to the pirates while in the royal bath. (See picture above.)

Zolo: "Hey, is a king supposed to bow like this?"

Cobra: "...A man's title comes off with his clothes. Here in the bath, we're all the same. A King is not a king when disrobed. I'd like to say...not as a king but as a father and a citizen of this land...from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU."


Favorite Quote: # 3 - Vivi: "At times the sound of the ocean waves was soothing...At other times it was harsh, mocking me and playing on my fears. But in the darkness of the storm, I encountered a little ship. It gave me a push and said: 'Don't you see that light?' That strange little ship never lost its way even in the dark...It didn't resist the tugs of the tides, but sailed ahead through the roughest headwinds. And pointing forward, it said: 'Look, there's the light.'"


Vol 24: People's Dreams - Review of single volume here.


 The last bits of the Alabasta arc are cleared up and the crew is back on the high seas! However, they've added a new member to their group: Nico Robin, only recently Crocodile's second in command?! While most of the crew remain very skeptical, Luffy invites her to join and that is that. Soon enough, their minds turn to other things as they find their log posse pointing into the air. Next stop: an island in the Sky!


Favorite Quote (Crew badmouthing Zolo):

Chopper: "What?! Barbarian!"

Nami: "You're mean."

Sanji: "Moss Head."

Luffy: "Three-Sword Style..."

Usopp: Wait, Luffy, that's not an insult."

Luffy: "Four-Sword Style then."

Usopp: "That's not any better!"

I love this!


And one of my favorite scenes in all the manga:

Though I like it a bit less knowing who the man is and what he does! You...*very bad words!*

(show spoiler)



Anybody who's read this manga, can you please explain to me this scene. I noticed it first in the anime the last time I read it and kept my eye out for it here. I'm glad they recognized he wasn't alone...but they never explain HOW they know. Any thoughts?