A Midwinter's Tale (Magical Cats Mystery # 6) - Yes, more of this please!

A Midwinter's Tail - Sofie Kelly

Thanks to Murder by Death, I've been devouring The Magical Cats mystery series: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. After the events of the last book, I waited impatiently for the next one to see how Kathleen, Marcus, Hercules, Owen, and all their friends were doing. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long (though now it's going to be interminable) and I went out and bought this almost immediately.


Kathleen is busy as winter and the holiday season arrives in Mayville Heights. Her Reading Buddies program, pairing kindergarteners with fourth and fifth graders, needs funding as their grants' ending. Her fundraiser, with the help of her artist friends, restaurant friends, and even Roma's hockey star boyfriend, is set to be an amazing recreation of a French Bistro. Before much more then mingling can occur, Burtis Chapman's former wife, long estranged, is dead of an apparent nut allergy. As Burtis has been going out with Lita, Everett Henderson's secretary, Dayna's sudden reappearance causes issues also for his sons, so he's the prime suspect.


Now that she's going out with Marcus, Kathleen doesn't want to get involved and ruin everything. However, friends are again in trouble and everyone seems dead set on giving her clues. Even her cats seem incapable of staying out of things.


This was another great mystery with the murderer a complete surprise. I loved the changes this time to how Kathleen and Marcus interact and how that translates into the investigation. The people she's come to love are as wonderful as ever and I always enjoy seeing the cats.

Though I feel the mini-mystery going on with their two favorite toys was obvious and Kathleen carried the idiot ball to keep it going. That was rather disappointing.

(show spoiler)


Another great addition to the series and worth the wait. Though I'm already pining for my next trip to the "peaceful" town of Mayville Heights.