A Seamless Murder (Magical Dressmaking Mystery # 6) - Um, what happened Harlow?

A Seamless Murder -  Melissa Bourbon

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Another decent continuation of the series. Harlow agrees to make aprons for the Red Hat Society's progressive dinner. Each woman will get a personalized one, starting with the leader - Harlow's conveniently created next door neighbor we've never heard of before.


But when our MC stumbles on her corpse lying in a just dug grave, could it be one of the group that got rid of the often abrasive woman or someone closer to home.


I did like the fact that while she was sewing pretty consistently, Harlow wasn't inundated by the impossible. The aprons took time but were manageable. Her and Will are great together, even better then the previous books. Loretta Mae surprisingly played a small role in the mystery, mostly as she was focused on one closer to home. Yes, we finally have a conclusion to the whole Butch Cassidy trinket storyline. I'd been afraid they'd drag it out longer but ended two plot points quite satisfactory.


Two things marred this otherwise fun book. One was that for the first time I found grammar/spelling errors in a book in this series. The first mistake was so blatant I just stared at it, trying to fathom what it was. The second issue was that the murderer was completely obvious early on. Harlow was simply not stupid enough to have no idea but anything that remotely pointed to the OBVIOUSLY correct path were immediately dismissed out of hand. I felt like muttering,

it's Todd (the son in law)

(show spoiler)

, every time a new clue piled up and everyone dithered about "who could it be?!" It was simply not believable. Further, it was extremely aggravating every time Harlow suffered from selective clue stupidity.


Still, I enjoyed returning to Bliss for a new adventure and seeing some long overdue resolutions.