Prime Cut (Goldy Bear # 8)

Prime Cut (Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery, #8) - Diane Mott Davidson

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(See review for book seven to see why I'm not doing a full review.)

Another really great volume, particularly on the personal front for our favorite caterer. Not only is her business under attack (and it was TOTALLY not a surprise who was behind that!), but her cooking mentor and friend ends up in BIG (see permanent) trouble, Tom is suspending without pay by an incompetent higher up, and Goldy is watching her world crumble around her. The mystery is ok, I was unsure till the end but the one I suspected the most turned out to be the killer. But what really solidifies this story is the mess Goldy's life is turning into. There comes a point where she seems to have no one to turn to, even Marla is fending off her own issues. And the part Arch plays, unintentionally of course, in his father's petty and viscious attack against Goldy was horrifying in how manipulative and...wrong the Jerk can be. I would REALLY like to see him suffer more. That is so bad of me.

Now, I have six more wonderful Goldy books calling my go read this, it's loads of fun.



Reread 1/14/2015 - Posted originally Aug, 15, 2013.


For some reason, large parts of this remained in my memory. I didn't remember who did it, but i remembered most of the rest.


One of my favorite parts is André. I loved him the first time I met him and each time he charms me again. The story during the funeral still moves me and still felt the triumphant emotion as they break into Hark the Herald Angels Sing.


Another element I love of this book is the return of Julian. He really became a part of the family and they didn't seem right without him the past few books.


The whole issue with The Jerk absolutely galls me. While Marla's difficulty with the IRS was bad enough, Goldy's is horrible and really shows how little Korman cares about his son. Not only was he trying to hurt his ex-wife's ability to provide for him but he had Arch manipulated into betraying his own mother.


That's low, man.