Library Wars: Love and War, Volume 9 - Reading to kids is scary!

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 9 - Kiiro Yumi

Originally read August 17, 2013.


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The groper in the library story ends at the beginning of this volume. Komaki figured out what made the man target Marie and asks Iku to play the right kind of bait. Unfortunately, she is not able to fight back as she normally would because of high heels, this is why I've never seen the use for them.

The next story is in the anime, so I was expecting it. It is time for our three lower ranked officers to take the test for their next ranking. While it's all but a walk in the park for Shibazaki, for Iku and Tezuka things are less certain. Iku's not sure she can pass the written part of the test while Tezuka is facing his worse nightmare in the skill's test - reading to children!

While Dojo tries to beat the library notebook into Iku's head, Shibazaki attempts to help Tezuka find his own way to read to the children. Iku and Dojo also share a moment and both learn a bit about one of the symbols of the library system - the chamomile flower, which was the favorite of Commander Inamine.

After this arc comes a very interesting story that I hate is left unfinished in this volume because it was not in the anime. An actor telling his life story opens a can of worms and ends up taking on the Media Betterment Act over the censorship of a really stupid word. We'll have to wait to see how this all comes out...I want to know!!!!



Like my previous review, I forgot I'd written a review and wrote out another. What I find so interesting is how they different they are and what I focused on the first time I read first the second time. Also, as the previous review, I'll hide this under the spoiler tag so it won't make this so long.



The end of the sting operation is interesting and the Defense Force gets their man, of course.


But it is the end of this chapter that has me laughing hysterically and spitting out my drink as Komaki does. Iku announcing to the room at large she's getting over her prince is Priceless!


Performance reviews for our three young characters (Iku, Shibazaki, and Tezuka) and while Iku frantically tries to scrap a pass on the written test, Tezuka faces the very real possibility of failing the practical: reading to children. What each of them choose to entertain the kiddies with is so them and Is one of the best parts of the manga. The next big story, introduced at the end of the volume is one of my favorite. Major Genda's journalist friend gets to interview an extremely popular but extremely private actor, Daichi Kosaka. He wants to talk about his role model and the man who cared for him - his grandfather, who is a barber. However, the MBC has banned that word, no reason given, and when the journalist automatically changes it to hairdresser, he's livid and threatens to pull his agreement for the article to be published. Either barber goes in, or he's out. Major Genda's plan: Daichi sue the paper and get this out in the press. People realize words are being taken away and the MBC will back down. Brilliant.

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