Library Wars: Love and War, Volume 10 - Freedom

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 10 - Kiiro Yumi

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The saga of the barber word ban continues with the end soon in sight!


However, the rest of the volume is taken up with a major story that actually serves as the climax of the anime. The Defense Force is going to Ibaraki Library...which just so happens to be in Iku's hometown! The library, connected with an art museum next door, stages an art exhibit every year. The highlight of this year's is called Freedom and is a direct challenge to the MBC. That group will do anything to stop that piece from being shown, and the local library forces doesn't have the man power. It's going to be war.


When they arrive though, the library is a complete mess due to the director's personal belief of non-violence (rolling over is more truthful - she's all but turned it over to the MBC!) that has hobbled the library's troops and caused the women's dorm to be hostile to Iku and the other girls in the troop. This boils over into the personal, when Iku's true job in the library is passed on to her mother. Sparks fly.


But Iku's learned some things and she has a surprising ally in her corner. She gears up to do battle, both against the MBC and the internal politics of the dorm. The battle is about to begin and I'm off to read the next volume!


The bonus manga is neat as it's set around the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival.