2014 Audiobook Challenge - I'm blaming you, Booklikes!


Seriously, I think I'm certifiable on this one. I've already got three challenges going (and I've never done one before) but I could not pass this one up after seeing it on Booklikes' post 7 Reading Challenges To Join in 2014. It also works perfectly considering I've signed up for a year of Audible for the first time in my life. With that, I simply couldn't say no. Right?



Right now, I'm planning on the Stenographer level or 10 - 15 audiobooks. Since I have 12 credits on Audible, this might actually work out.


[Update 7/1/2014: Completed Stenographer on June 17th. Am now going for Binge Listener!]





Reading Challenge Details:

  • Runs January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014. You can join at anytime.
  • The goal is to find a new love for audios or to outdo yourself by listening to more audios in 2014 than you did in 2013.
  • Books must be in audio format (CD, MP3, etc.)
  • ANY genres count.
  • Re-reads and crossovers from other reading challenges are allowed.
  • You do not have to be a book blogger to participate; you can track your progress on Goodreads, Shelfari, Facebook, LibraryThing, etc.
  • If you’re a blogger grab the button and do a quick post about the challenge to help spread the word. If you’re not a blogger you can help by posting on Facebook or Tweeting about the challenge.


  • Newbie (I’ll give it a try) 1-5
  • Weekend Warrior (I’m getting the hang of this) 5-10
  • Stenographer (can listen while multi-tasking) 10-15
  • Socially Awkward (Don’t talk to me) 15-20
  • Binge Listener (Why read when someone can do it for you) 20-30
  • My Precious (I had my earbuds surgically implanted) 30+
  • http://thebooknympho.com/2013/11/sign-up-2014-audio-book-challenge/

Should check in around June for a master review post.


Books I've Listened To:

1) Killing Lincoln: Review here


2) Mr. Lincoln's High-Tech War: Review here


3) Gettysburg by Stephen Sears: Review here.


4) Killing Kennedy: Review here.


5) Jane's Fame: Review here.


6) The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History: Review here.


7) Catering to Nobody: Review here.


8) Dying for Chocolate: Review here.


9) The Cereal Murders: Review here.


10) The Beekeeper's Apprentice: Review here.


11) A Monstrous Regiment of Women: Review here.


12) Soulless: Review here.


13) A Letter of Mary: Review here.


14) The Moor: Review here.


15) Oh, the Places You'll Go/The Lorax: Review here. - Completed Stenographer level June 17th!


16) Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow: Review here.


17) Twilight at the World of Tomorrow: Genius, Madness, Murder, and the 1939 World's Fair on the Brink of War: Review here.


18) Artemis Fowl # 1: Review here.


19) The Great Fire: Review here.


20) The Cat in the Hat and Other Dr. Seuss Favorites: Review here.


21) Blizzard: The Storm That Changed America: Review here.


22) Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Affair # 2: Review here.


23) Breadcrumbs: Review here.


24) Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder: Review here.


25) Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code # 3: Review here.


26) Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception # 4: Review here.


27) Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony # 5: Review here.


28) On Basilisk Station: Review here.


29) Doctor Who: Deimos: Review here.


30) First Grave on the Right: Review here.


31) The War to End All Wars: World War I: Review here.


32) Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Review here.


33) Chasing Lincoln's Killer: Review here.


34) Honor of the Queen: Review here.


35) The Short Victorious War: Review here.


36) Field of Dishonor: Review here.


37) Flag in Exile: Review here.


38) Honor Among Enemies: Review here.


39) The Devil in the White City: Review here.


40) William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Review here.


41) Doctor Who: Dead Air: Review here.


42) You Have to F--king Eat: Review here.


43) A Christmas Carol preformed by Patrick Stewart: Review here.


44) What Einstein Told His Cook: Review here.


45) The Mystery of Charles Dickens: Review here.


46) Second Grave on the Left: Review here.


47) And Then There Were None [BBC Radio Dramatization]: Review here.


48) The Last Suppers (Goldy Bear Mystery # 4): Review here.